"When you do something you have to do it right..."

Photo by DEYA 
We got our First collie in 1992. This was a blue merle dog, called Desmond. We found him a very sweet dog, a good companion. He was a nice dog to have at home.
He always travelled with us to all the professional and international dance contests we participated in.
Because the dancing took that much of our time, there was no time left to do some other sports. That was the reason we never went to a dog show with him.
In the same year we got Desmond (1992) we've started our own dance studio. Still we get much joy from learning people all the different dances there are.
Desmond became 14 years old.
After finishing our dance career, Richard got his degree for dance teacher. He also got a qualification for teaching students who want to become a dance teacher.
These days Richard is very active in judging at international dance contests all over the world.
Another activity he likes a lot is organizing big events, like dance contests an party’s.
We have always had interest in the dog sports. So after Desmond died we soon agreed we wanted a collie again.
In 2006 we changed having a passion, in doing something with that passion; we joined in the dog shows.
Our motto has always been, when you do something you have to do it right.
So immediately when we started showing we took lessons in showing and kynology.
We soon had a vision about how a collie must look like.
First off all, we think that the most important thing is, that the dog has a good sound of moving in harmony, just like the perfect waltz.
That means that that dog must be of good health, temperament and conform the breed standard of the FCI.
After the searching we found that soundness in our beautiful classical collies.
With many thanks to our friends in the international dog world,
our herd has grown and moonriver collies is a fact.
We have showed the first collie from Holland which became European youth champion.

Photo by DEYA

Also we had much success at the Winner show in Amsterdam, the world dog show, European dog show and many other national and international shows.
We think it’s always important to have knowledge about what you are doing, so we often get education about the kynology.
Moonriver collies is situated in the middle of Europe. We live in the northern part of Holland in the county called Overijssel.

We hope you enjoy your visit at our site and hope you come back again!

Richard and Judith Lensink
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